How does Trikke work?

Whether you choose to power your own Trikke for a healthy workout, or take advantage of the ease and efficiency of the electrically powered uPT your Trikke is simple to operate. Both embrace the science of efficient movement and the drive to preserve the world's diminishing natural resources.

Trikke human powered vehicle

The human powered Trikke is propelled by a shift of body weight from side to side. This action becomes intuitive in a short space of time and delivers speeds of up to 28 kmh. You can glide along almost effortlessly, or get a great work out from a full blown sprint. The Trikke's ergonomic design means that you get the maximum propulsion from making each turn and maintain momentum as you swing back in the other direction.

Trikke uPT

The uPT's lightweight lithium battery takes all the effort out of getting from place to place. An accelerator and brake on the handlebars give you total control at your fingertips. Stable and robust, yet incredibly light, the Trikke uPT will travel for 30 kilometers and requires only two hours to recharge. The batteries are clean and environmentally friendly and can easily be changed, so by carrying spare batteries your range is unlimited.


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