There are so many things about Trikke that makes it a great way to get about, you’ll soon find yourself wondering how you ever managed without it.


Weighing only 17 kg, Trikkes are supremely transportable and easy to carry, either on your back or in their carry case.

Easy to store

Your Trikke has been designed to fold to ease storage and transportability and can easily fit in your car boot, in a cupboard or even under the bed.

Far reaching

The Trikke’s rechargeable lithium battery pack lets you travel up to 30 km on a single charge. Recharging only takes two hours and, thanks to being ‘hot swappable’, by carrying an extra battery you can double your distance immediately.

Safe and stable

Light yet robust, the Trikke has been designed to meet the very highest safety standards. Its patented 3CV Cambering Technology means it provides outstanding stability for passengers and can decelerate from full speed to a complete stop quickly and safely.


Your Trikke uPT is an extremely cost-effective means of transportation that offers great cost savings against alternative means of transport. Whilst replacing the need for cars, they also improve your bottom line by making your staff more efficient and productive.


We’ve made the Trikke to the very highest standards and designed to withstand heavy use with minimum maintenance. And with its aluminium frame, there’s no corrosion to worry about.

Easy to use

Riding a Trikke is simplicity itself – much easier than riding a bike! Trikke uPT is great for users as young as 12 or 100 years.


Whether it’s for business or leisure, there are so many ways Trikkes can make a difference. They’re great for popping out to the shops and the mall, but they’re equally as valuable put to work by staff as they help them cover distance easily and speedily.


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