Easy to use and suitable for riders of all ages, Trikkes are about fun and convenience. And they offer so much more. If you choose the human powered Trikke, you'll be amazed at the benefits to your health and general well-being it can offer

Tests prove that travelling on a Trikke at 15 kmh allows you to burn in excess of 500 calories every hour. That makes it a highly effective form of exercise, burning more than 100 calories per hour more than jogging, working out at the gym or at an aerobics session. Even better news is that increasing the average speed by just another 2.5 kmh means you burn around 700 calories an hour, far more then even than cross country skiing.

In doing so, the Trikke works all the key muscle groups effectively including upper leg, buttocks, upper arms and shoulders, so you will see significant changes in your body shape too when you make regular use of your Trikke.

Not only is the Trikke a great way to enhance your health and general well-being, you can enjoy a sense of freedom that gym-based exercise doesn't offer and the ability to travel quicker and further than you can with a jogging regime. Trikke riding is also easy on the joints, allowing you to build up your core strength and flexibility without putting undue strain on your knees, ankles, elbows and shoulders.

"I stopped running to protect my knees, and my Trikke is a perfect low impact workout." Scott Shepard, 52 (Memphis, TN)


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